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Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema

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If you happen to live in southern Ontario, Canada, I encourage you to come to the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema. The festival schedule is here (it's from Nov. 18-21).

Especially relevant for those with an interest in Russian/Soviet animation is Saturday. At 15:30 there will be a screening of Garri Bardin's new animated feature The Ugly Duckling, and there will be a talk with the director after.

Before that, at 13:00, will be a screening of Daredevils of Sasun, the first-ever animated feature from Armenia, which they've been working on for 9 years. (!)

And at 10:00 in the morning, there will be the new feature by Czech master Jiří Barta, In the Attic.

Lots of other great animated features there as well, from all sorts of countries. :)
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