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Russian animation: The Cat Who Walked by Herself

Updated: June 22, 2007; June 6, 2021

Click on below image to watch the film:

(this was formerly on Google Video here)

Here it is - my major Russian-English translation project for the past month. One of the most impressively-directed animated films I've ever seen. This adaptation of Kipling's short story came out in 1988 in the Soviet Union and is criminally obscure; it seems that few people in Russia know about it, and I'll bet nobody outside of Russia has even seen it.

It starts out a little slow, but if you keep watching past the two-minute mark... it gets interesting. It uses a wide variety of animation techniques and touches some rather deep and poetic themes. There's also some great avant-garde singing in it by Valentina Ponomaryova.

For more information about the film, visit its wikipedia page (though actually there's not much there because I haven't been able to find a whole lot of info).

There's a higher-quality version at Cine-clasico over here, and one at arjlover over here (you can download the ed2k or read this tutorial).


The subtitle file can be downloaded here:

Thanks to the Portasecreta blog for giving them a permanent location.
Tags: 1980s, feature film, garanina, soyuzmultfilm, translation

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