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Overview of upcoming Russian animated features: part 14

Our Masha in the Strawberry Country (Dec. 18, 2008)
The New Adventures of Alyonushka and Yeryoma (Dec. 25, 2008)
The Tale of Fedot the Strelets (Jan. 1, 2009) (Dec. 18, 2008)
Ivan Tsarevich and Grey Wolf (Feb. 1, 2009)
Alice's Birthday (Feb. 19, 2009)
Star Dogs: Belka and Strelka (Dec. 31, 2009)
Alien Pile (likely 2009)
A Room and a Half, or A Sentimental Journey to the Homeland (likely 2009)
Little Muk and the Pirates of the Caspian Sea (maybe 2009)
Kin-dza-dza-dza! (2010)
The Ugly Duckling (~2011)
Blue Beard (????)
New Buttermilk Village (????)

There are at least 10 feature films left to cover still (including such worthy projects as Gofmaniada and The Overcoat), but I don't have time to do them justice right now so I'll get to them in a few days. This is it for now.

Mad Hair
Безумные волосы
Release date: ?
Director: Yelena Chernova, Aleksandr Tatarskiy (deceased)
Studio: Pilot Studio
Budget: ?
? minutes

This film was started by the late Aleksandr Tatarskiy about 11 years ago, and production was in full swing for the last few years. A 2008 release was planned. It is about two detectives, an American crocodile and his short, balding, English partner. And there's also an interesting spy who's the villain. It is set in 1944 in London and the small (fictional?) Scottish town of Saint Georgia near Loch Ness (source). A chemist creates an invention for growing hair, but his invention goes awry and now all of London is overgrowing with hair. Beyond that, no details of the plot have been revealed.

Production was in full swing before Tatarskiy died last year. Since then, his former studio has commited to finishing all of his projects, and the director in his place is Yelena Chernova, director of the wonderful short film Hare the Servant (unsubtitled video here). Igor Kovalyov says that this film uses some of the characters from Tatarskiy's "Train Arrival", an unfinished feature started in 1986.

Here's some news reportage about the film from December 2007, with many pictures and some animation samples (at the end they say that there's not enough funding to finish the film, but they're continuing to work on it anyway):

(in case the video's taken down from Youtube, here's another link - click on one of the buttons below the photograph to see the video)
Tags: feature film, pilot studio, tatarskiy

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