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Overview of upcoming Russian animated features: part 16

Our Masha in the Strawberry Country (Dec. 18, 2008)
The New Adventures of Alyonushka and Yeryoma (Dec. 25, 2008)
The Tale of Fedot the Strelets (Jan. 1, 2009) (Dec. 18, 2008)
Ivan Tsarevich and Grey Wolf (Feb. 1, 2009)
Alice's Birthday (Feb. 19, 2009)
Star Dogs: Belka and Strelka (Dec. 31, 2009)
Alien Pile (likely 2009)
A Room and a Half, or A Sentimental Journey to the Homeland (likely 2009)
Little Muk and the Pirates of the Caspian Sea (maybe 2009)
Kin-dza-dza-dza! (2010)
The Ugly Duckling (~2011)
Blue Beard (????)
New Buttermilk Village (????)
Mad Hair (????)
Gofmaniada (maybe 2009)

Peregrine or Sapsan
Release date: March 19, 2009 (according to a source from 2007; however, not many places mention this date now)
Directors: Vaksim and Vadim Smeshnikov
Studios: Era Vodoleya, Central Partnership
Budget: $2.5 million "or a little more" (source), or $3 million (source)

First of all, before I write anything else, please watch this teaser. It is very epic and really shows what this film is about. :)

(download here)
(ok, I'm pretty sure that that was a joke...)

Here's a nice English-language article about this film. I'll just quote a section of it:

In March, the Central Partnership group of companies signed an agreement with the Era Vodoleya Producers Center to produce a feature-length 3D animated film with the working title Peregrine (Sapsan). The story is about Mitya, a peregrine falcon nestling. Through a twist of fate, he ends up with a family of pigeons who adopt him as one of their own and instill in him a love of soccer. The soccer matches, which are integral to the plot, feature running commentary by Goose and Duck characters, who are voiced by Viktor Gusev and Vasily Utkin, two well-known sports TV journalists. Mitya and the pigeon Gala are voiced by Konstantin Khabensky and Renata Litvinova respectively. The film is written and directed by the brothers Maxim and Vadim Sveshnikov. Art direction duties went to Artur Mirzoyan. As of this writing, the film is currently in production. It is slated for a late 2008 – early 2009 release. The film’s budget is $2.5 million with Central Partnership contributing more than $1 million.

Apparently, there's also some "Romeo and Juliet" mixed in. "All the voice actors believe that it will be a great success".

According to JHP from the forums, this project is currently "in a state of collapse and may not come out", which might explain the lack of any news articles mentioning it from the second half of the year. Well, we'll wait and see.

More images here and here.
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