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Round Table

Translation of a recent post by Sergey Kapkov, author of the Encyclopedia of Domestic Animation(all subsequent links go to Russian-language pages).


Friends and colleagues!
A big battle is being planned... though we all want peace and productivity.
On February 4, we shall attempt to decide to fate of our domestic animation at a Round Table.

Governmental Politics Regarding Support of Animation: Problems and Perspectives During and After the Crisis

During the past year, animated production in Russia has practically stopped. Even before the country began talking about a "financial crisis", the Ministry of Culture began a reorganization, and has not yet finished it... Studios are forced to lay off staff, halt projects, and put property up for rent. Animators are leaving the profession.

Those who haven't left have started to write letters to those in power and articles to the "Animatograf" journal. Here are some opinions of respectable people: Sergey Merinov's article (sergey_merinov), Yuriy Norshteyn's article. The journalist Masha Tereshchenko (goododd) has analyzed the international experience of the relationship between animation and the government. As a result, the idea to have a general meeting of professionals and to work out our necessary steps for a renaissance was proposed.

We have invited the following people to speak at the Table: Merinov, Norshteyn, T. Prokhorov, Selyanova, Garri Bardin, and even Zernov. It is as yet unclear who will actually come. But producers and directors will be coming in huge numbers. We all want - I repeat - productivity. That is why we must analyze the situation very soberly and formulate concrete recommendations to the government, the Ministry of Culture, and to Putin's new Film Soviet - and to send them in the form of a letter. Not cries for help, but CONCRETE recommendations. Whether it will actually work is unclear. But we cannot sit on our hands. They'll devour us. They'll kill our hard-won progress.

Journalists, new and old, come as well! Please write, make some waves in the mass media, so that THEY will hear us...

The Round Table will take place on February 4 in the conference hall of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation at 12:00.
Address: Vesilyevskaya St., house 13
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