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Gallery Show in Honour of Fyodor Hitruk

namastescop has posted many pictures from a gallery exhibition dedicated to Fyodor Hitruk (or Khitruk, creator of the Russian Winnie-the-Pooh films) that opened recently in Moscow.

From left to right: Naum Kleyman, Yuriy Norshteyn, Vladimir Zuykov, Eduard Nazarov, Boris Pavlov, Mikhail Aldashin (aldashin), Pavel Shvedov (tea_elf).

Fyodor Hitruk himself could not come, on account of being 91 years old.

Click here for many more photos of interesting things, such as original production art, as well as an audio recording of the speeches for those who understand Russian.

UPDATE 09/02/09: Mikhail Aldashin has posted a video on Youtube of Yuriy Norshteyn and Eduard Nazarov talking at the event:

Tags: 2000s, events, hitruk, norshteyn, pooh

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