March 29th, 2008

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Yuriy Norshteyn's new book on the art of animation

aldashin writes:

I had a guest today. We drank tea and talked. Apparently, the final version of the book "Snow on Grass" will appear at the middle or end of May.

The book consists of two tomes, 620 pages and 1700 color illustrations. It will be printed in the Czech Republic. The slides of many artworks were taken from national galleries around the world, including El Prado, London National, the Louvre, etc. The book is substantial, and of course isn't cheap... But: It is possible RIGHT NOW to sign up to buy it for the discounted price given to Norshteyn's studio. Then the book will cost half as much as it would in stores - around 2300-2500 rubles (the store price will be 5000).

Why this is being done:
The publication money was given by Sberbank, on the initiative of its now-departed leader Andrey Kazmin. Everything was counted out down to the kopek. While the book was being finished, services became more expensive, and now there is simply not enough money for the publication. Sberbank has a new leader, and he cannot be reached; he's training to carry the Olympic torch, this Gref, so he must be a busy man.

Norshteyn is ready to invest his own money, but this is the money with which his studio runs, with which his film is being made, etc. There is a risk of leaving the studio with no resources. And it's a good studio; it's called "Artel". So:

If we manage to get 300 people who wish to buy this book from the studio, the risk will be reduced to a minimum. This will give confidence to the author of the book, and he is even willing (I just talked with him about the details) to sign all 300 copies in case this happens.

So please reply in the comments: who, where, how many books. And please spread the word. Right now I've agreed with Norshteyn that I'll gather everyone here, and then get you in contact with the studio over email.


I will be the first; I'll take 5 examples for myself and people close to me.

PS If there are more than 300 orders - this is even a good thing. The more, the better for both readers and authors, and the fewer copies will be available for resellers. A 100% markup on the price cannot be called a bargain.


The book will be in Russian, of course, so I'm not really sure why I'm translating this into English... but hey, maybe someone will be interested. A few notes in addition to the above:
-2300-2500 rubles is around $100USD.
-shipping to other countries is possible
-a previous "Snow on Grass" was published by VGIK in paperback in 2005. This was an incomplete 248-page version of this book meant for those in the educational institute, and is now hard to find (3000 copies were printed in total, according to
-so far (in less than a day), it seems that around 100 copies have been ordered

If you are interested, leave a comment at the original post.