December 12th, 2009

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New translations of Russian animation

Phew! While I've been busy during the past few weeks, several new translations of Russian animation have been finished. I'll start by listing the ones by julia2night.

"How Hedgehog Changed His Coat" was directed in 1970 by Leonid Zarubin at Kievnauchfilm studio in what is now Ukraine. julia2night says "It's for very small children, I suppose... :-)"

And #7 and #8 from the "Nu, pogodi" series (1973, 1974, directed by Vladislav Kotyonochkin at Soyuzmultfilm in Moscow). I watched all of the films in this series dozens of times when I was little.

drawing, old man

Modern, independent Russian animation in English

This post is about modern Russian independent animators (not affiliated with any studio) who, for whatever reason, have decided to add English subtitles to their films. Modern independent animation in Russia differs enormously from what is produced by studios. The films (which are usually made in Macromedia Flash) tend to be violent, dark, sadistic, and downright depressing. They can also be very innovative and moving. "Raw" is the best way to describe most, but not all, of them.

A kind of gathering place for Russian independent animators is the website Some of the best artists are Andrey Bakhurin, aka. Scarydoll (my favourite of his films is the beautiful Los Dias Sin Dias, made in 2003) and Nikolay Belov, aka. kol-belov, who has pioneered a very singular style that has been imitated by others. His typical films are wordless visual metaphors in which shapes are constantly morphing (a technique that suits Flash like a glove). They tend to be very dark and often hard to understand. ATM (aka. Bankomat, made in 2006) is one of his films where the message is quite obvious. I've felt that Belov's films have been going down in quality for the last few years - these days, they tend to feel rushed or not genuine.

Those films that I linked to are both wordless. I'm now going to list some recently-released films with English subtitles.
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