January 22nd, 2010

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Prostokvashino (aka. Buttermilk Village)

There have been so many new translations in the past few weeks... I'll try to catch up and write a little something about each of them.

First of all, on Jan. 5 trueboltsfan translated the second film in the "Prostokvashino" ("Buttermilk Village") series (animator.ru profile here).

This series is very much in the mainstream genre of popular Soviet animation from the 1970s-1980s; in general, some films are more the product of a director's personality while others are more representative of popular taste at the time, and this is one of the latter. The music, especially, is really a part of those years (I love it!).

The first film in the series (made in 1978) should be watched first, of course. MiaRossa translated it on June 10, 2008 (link), and trueboltsfan made another translation on May 12, 2009 (link).

The second film was made in 1978:

The films were directed by Vladimir Popov and based on the books by Eduard Uspenskiy.
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Translations by julia2night

Here's a very simple Flash-animated film made in 2001-2 by Oleg Kuvayev, part of the Masyanya series (Wikipedia article), which was akin to the silly Flash cartoons that were popular on the English-speaking part of the internet at the time (i.e. Joe Cartoon).

This one has the main character walking through some typical scenes in the city at night. julia2night translated it on December 29, 2009.

julia2night also translated episodes 10 (Jan. 9) and 12 (Jan. 6) of the popular "Nu, pogodi" series, directed by Vladislav Kotyonochkin in 1976 & 1978:

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Translations by monsieuricon

...who has a blog about his subtitling endeavors over here, with links to the original subtitle files.

Translated on Dec. 23, 2009:

"Two Merry Ganders" (1970), a fun, very early film by the director Leonid Nosyrev (click on the "nosyrev" tag below this post to see his other films that I've written about & translated).

Translated on Jan. 5, 2010:

"Think You're So Clever, Marty Gra?" (1985), directed by Robert Saakyants at Armenfilm studio. This is a very funny film (one that I love) that is made even better by the excellent, understated character acting. Monsieuricon acknowledges that the translation of "Maslenitsa" as "Mardi Gras" may be controversial, so he's provided a defense of himself over here. Personally, I thought this film was untranslatable in the first place, so I congratulate him.

Translated on Jan. 11, 2010:

"Vovka in the Never-Ever Tsardom" (1965), directed by Boris Stepantsev at Soyuzmultfilm. I haven't seen this film yet, so I can provide no comments... :)

Translated on Jan. 21, 2010:

"Adventures of a House Elf" (1986), directed by Aida Zyablikova at Ecran studio (the main Moscow competitor to Soyuzmultfilm in the 1980s).