May 3rd, 2010

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The Naughty Bear Cub (1978)

julia2night uploaded this translation on April 30. English, Russian and German subtitles can be selected.

Directed by Merab Saralidze in 1978, at Georgia Film, also known as Kartuli Pilmi. This is actually the first film from the studio (which made 207 animated films from 1954 to 2002) that has been given English subtitles. The studio and practically all of its films burned to the ground in 2005. Some other films by Saralidze (without subtitles) can be seen here

drawing, old man

Animatsiya Wiki - new features

Some new things on the List of Russian animation subtitled in English:

1. It is now possible to see if a film has selectable Russian subtitles. This is useful for people who wish to learn Russian, and I've gotten several requests for adding Russian subtitles to my videos. Among other translators, julia2night and ValerieChatoner often provide Russian subtitles. (a good site dedicated to this is

Also marked "yes" are "no-dialogue" films in which the Russian text on the screen is subtitled.

2. There are now direct links to download the English subtitle files, when these are available. This is for those who have the video files and would like to see them subtitled outside of Youtube. All of monsieuricon's subtitle files can be downloaded, and most of mine (I don't always remember to put them up).

At the end of last year, there were 201 subtitled animated films on the list - now there are 252. (to see the new updates to that page, go here)