July 18th, 2010

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First trailer for "The Ugly Duckling" by Garri Bardin

This is the first existing trailer for the upcoming animated feature by the award-winning director Garri Bardin, which he's been working on for almost 6 years. The Russian public release will hopefully be on Sept. 16, 2010, while the international premiere is at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland in August. I did the English translation on my own initiative.

The trailer was made by Boris Shcherbitskiy, who's known for creating fan-made trailers for old Russian animation classics. He writes: "About two months ago, I was given the chance to make a real trailer for a film soon to be in cinemas. After watching the material, I decided to decline: I didn't get the artistic itch that had overcome me before I began work on my previous works. Especially considering that there was another man (much more skilled than I) who was given the very same task. But they convinced me that I should at least try, so I did. In the end, of course, the professional work was chosen to play in theatres. But they say that the director liked my trailer better. The official, professional one, you'll see later. Mine was chosen for getting the word out online."

The "online campaign" is being run by gavro-shik.

Гадкий! Утёнок гадкий!
Ужасно гадкий, жуткий и плохой
и не утёнок, и не цыплёнок -
ты даже сам не знаешь кто такой.

Не то что мы, ребята местные,
собой прелестные,
и всем известные
а ты такой ужасный -
ты безобразный,
ты несуразный,
грязный и чужой.

Чтобы тебя любили,
ты должен быть короче и жирней! (-ей-ей)
Точь в точь как мы, ребята классные,
собой прекрасные,
ну сколько можно обьяснять что не бывает
таких уродов,
среди нормальных уток и гусей.

Ты гадкий-гадкий! Ты не утиный!
Ты не гусиный, не куриный сын.
Ты безпородный, и все-противный,
худой и длинный - живи один!

Ugly! That duckling's ugly!
Horribly ugly, vile and a disgrace.
And he's no duckling, nor's he a chicken;
not even HE can say where is his place.

Quite unlike us, your local residents,
great-looking precedents,
well-known around these lands,
While you're the worst endeavour
that we've seen ever,
and you will never
be a local face.

"No-one will ever love you
unless you get much shorter and more fat!"
The spitting image of us local boys,
who have such grace and poise;
how many times must we explain that among normal
goose and duck siblings,
you'll never see repulsive freaks like that.

You're ugly! Ugly! You're not a duckling!
You're not a gosling, nor a chicken's own.
You are a mongrel, dreadfully scrawny,
too tall and bony - go live alone!

At times, the translation is not literal, but expresses the overall sentiment instead. I kept to the original rhyme scheme as much as I could.


Also, I'm posting below the first part of an radio interview with Garri Bardin taken on Finam.fm on March 12, 2010, by Yelena Likhachova. Parts 2-4 will come later.

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