July 28th, 2011

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Funtik Entertainment purges Russian animation from Youtube

 Внимание, есть русский перевод статьи: Именем Фунтика – вы арестованы!

If you've visited Youtube after July 19, you may have noticed that there is suddenly far less Russian animation there than there used to be. A number of accounts have been removed, including those of arjlover, crazysister, hkristus, Humanophage, julia2night, pavlovich74, TheMotionBrigades, uncloser, and Wunder8484. From those, arjlover belonged to the eponimous website and julia2night belonged to Julia who was one of the most prolific translators; she translated or helped translate about 44 Russian cartoons to English and German. My own account was hit as well (though not deleted).

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