July 16th, 2021

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Animatsiya.net - changing hosts

http://www.animatsiya.net has had to get a new host because the prior one (HelioHost) seems like it will be down for a while. Even before, though, I was starting to get "500 server errors" far too often. Thankfully I made a backup 2 days before, so very little is lost. The site is now back up under a new host, but there's only an HTTP version at the moment (you get a security error if you try accessing the HTTPS version). Because HTTP isn't safe for submitting passwords, login, PMs and registration of new accounts are temporarily disabled until there's a new SSL certificate for the site.

So, the site is currently in read-only mode - you can still view all the films just as before, but no new films can be submitted at the moment, and nobody can access their accounts.

I'll update this post when that changes.

UPDATE 2021-07-19: Login & registration is now working again, but there are some bugs with adding/editing content. Working on it...

UPDATE 2021-07-27: Everything should be okay now.

I'll try to make the next hosting change (if one happens) more seamless than this one. I made some mistakes because it's my first time changing hosts in a long time.