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Translations for the 4 Cheburashka films.

This isn't very new, but it might be news for some. The four famous films about Cheburashka have all been translated into English.

If subtitles appear to be missing: Click on the triangle at the bottom right of the video, and make sure that CC is turned on.

Gena the Crocodile (1969), subtitled by Mr. Icon (aka. monsieuricon), with a few edits by me. (subtitle download here)

Cheburashka (1971), subtitled by Mr. Icon (subtitle download here).

Chapeau-Claque (1974), subtitled by MiaRossa

Cheburashka Goes to School (1983), subtitled by MiaRossa.

All of the films were directed by Roman Kachanov.

MiaRossa has also translated the second film and half of the first, but her translations are not as good as Mr. Icon's.

These films have recently been released on DVD in English-speaking countries, seemingly by minor companies in a few different versions. Watch out for the release from Vei Studio which has English-only dialogue (no Russian version with subtitles).
Tags: 1970s, 1980s, cheburashka, kachanov, subtitles

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