niffiwan (niffiwan) wrote,

Translations by julia2night

Here's a very simple Flash-animated film made in 2001-2 by Oleg Kuvayev, part of the Masyanya series (Wikipedia article), which was akin to the silly Flash cartoons that were popular on the English-speaking part of the internet at the time (i.e. Joe Cartoon).

This one has the main character walking through some typical scenes in the city at night. julia2night translated it on December 29, 2009.

julia2night also translated episodes 10 (Jan. 9) and 12 (Jan. 6) of the popular "Nu, pogodi" series, directed by Vladislav Kotyonochkin in 1976 & 1978:

Tags: 1970s, 2000s, kotyonochkin, kuvayev, masyanya

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