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Garri Bardin finishes filming his animated feature, "The Ugly Duckling"

First of all, an announcement: director Garri Bardin is accepting questions on the Russian forum If anyone has any questions that they'd like to ask him, I can translate them into Russian and post them there. The original thread is here.

For the past five years, Garri Bardin's Stayer Studio has been working on the animated feature "The Ugly Duckling". I wrote an entry with some information about it over a year ago.

A few months ago, I started seeing reports in the Russian press that the film is close to being finished. Just before the new year, a member of Bardin's team posted a message saying that the filming and editing is done, and the remaining work consists of recording more voices, sound effects, and colour correction. (he also gave a few details, saying that about 400 puppets were used, dozens of stages built and 700 scenes filmed)

Today's update is that all the sound effects and extra lines are recorded. The picture below shows almost everyone who worked on the film (Garri Bardin is in the centre, wearing the black jacket) as well as two of the main characters:

Garri Bardin is a very talented director, so I am very much looking forward to seeing his first feature film and wish them all the best.

I also hope that he has better luck with Russian distributors than he has in the past. His Chucha trilogy was given a very poor theatrical release.
Tags: 2000s, bardin, feature film

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