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Round-up of translations from the past few months

I've been busy for the past few months and haven't had the time to post about the latest translations of Russian animation here (though I remind my readers, you can always go here; the wiki article gets updated first).

So here is a long list of films that have been translated since then, as well as a few that I had not written about before. They are organized by date of upload, with the name of the translator written next to it.

Oct. 29, 2009 - StopFear
"Music Box with a Secret" (1976) by Valeriy Ugarov at Soyuzmultfilm. Now this is an interesting one. The visual style is heavily inspired by the 1968 English "Yellow Submarine" film (trailer here), which was based on the music of The Beatles. But I think that the animation moves better in this short film than in that feature; no jerky movements and low frame rates here. And it has great music and direction - I think it's a masterpiece, frankly. I have never seen another Soviet cartoon with this style, so this must have been a one-time thing. It is based on a story by Vladimir Odoyevskiy.

The point of this cartoon is that it shows the magic of what engineers do - it's about the love of taking things apart to find out how they work and maybe to improve them. Take away all the fancy graphics and music, and that's the core idea of the film. There are many people who see no attraction in that at all, and they're probably the ones who won't like this film.

Oct. 30, 2009 - StopFear
"Masha's Concert" (1949) directed by Mstislav Pashchenko at Soyuzmultfilm

Jan. 24, 2010 - julia2night
"Who Is Grazing on the Meadow" (1973), directed by Galina Barinova at Soyuzmultfilm. This is the same Galina Barinova who later directed When the Sand Will Rise and A Long Time Ago. Note how different her early style is from her later films.

Jan. 25, 2010 - julia2night, helped by me
"Fable" (2007), directed by Daniil Kharms. I think that this film is rather primitive, to be honest.

Feb. 28, 2010 - para111111
"So Adsent-Minded" (1975), directed by Marianna Novogrudskaya at Ecran. The translation is not the best (no attempt to translate the rhymes is made), but this is a good film that has some very nice art direction.

Mar. 6, 2010 - para111111
"Tourist" (1972), directed by Anatoliy Reznikov at Ecran.

Mar. 7, 2010 - para111111
"Fighter" (1985), directed by Boris Akulinichev at Ecran. I like this one. Simple, but it has a good point. :)

Mar. 10, 2010 - UCSantaCruzRussian
"Masha's Not a Lazybones Anymore" (1978), directed by Lev Milchin at Soyuzmultfilm. This one is for small children.

Mar. 10, 2010 - UCSantaCruz
"What Is Good and What Is Bad" (1969), directed by Yefim Gamburg at Soyuzmultfilm. Another one for small children.

Mar. 10, 2010 - UCSantaCruzRussian
"Zoo Closed for Repairs" (1987), directed by Natan Lerner at Ecran. Another one for small children.

Mar. 10, 2010 - para111111
"Neznaika Is Studying" (1961), directed by Pyotr Nosov at Soyuzmultfilm. Again, another one specifically for very small children. I'm not very fond of these myself (with some exceptions); something about them rubs me the wrong way, perhaps because I agree with what Aleksandr Tatarskiy wrote in the "Lyrical Advance" section of his 1986 essay. But I guess a case can be made that this category of Russian animation has been under-represented by translators a bit in the past. Neznaika is a well-known Soviet literary children's character whose name can be translated to "Know-Nothing" or "Dunno". He lives in a communist utopia and some of the stories specifically parody capitalist society, though you don't realize such things when you read it as a kid. There are lots of cartoons with him by different directors, and this is not the best one.

Mar. 13, 2010 - UCSantaCruzRussian
"Confusion" (1985), directed by Irina Gurvich at Kievnauchfilm. Another one for small children.

March 14, 2010 - pavlovich74 (translator unknown)
"Sarah's Tale" (2006), directed by Svetlana Filippova at December Studio. A film based on the "Musings of a 6 year old girl. Narrated by Sarah Magambetov (The daughter of the writer I presume)." There are some good things here - the music, the inspiration behind it, some clever concepts, but on the whole it was too minimalist for my tastes, and it seemed a bit too unfocused. I also wasn't a fan of the way the characters moved.

Mar. 15, 2010 - para111111
"Little Coin" (1977), directed by Yuriy Prytkov at Soyuzmultfilm. Also for small children. About the importance of doing the right thing even in small matters.

Mar. 15, 2010 - julia2night
"Masyanya: Here's a Fine How-Do-You-Do" (2010), directed by Oleg Kuvayev. You notice the lack of a link to on Kuvayev's name, unlike all the other directors here? Here's why: In 2001, Kuvayev created a Flash-animated series about "Masyanya", a typical young Russian teen/young woman. It was a hit on the internet because despite its primitive art style and very basic animation, its content was something that people related to, and it gave them a laugh. But many of the more established figures in Russian animation couldn't stand it. Kuvayev was invited to the 2003 Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, and came not even suspecting that he was invited mainly to be the punching bag of all the critics and venerated masters. Yet Masyanya is still here in 2010. This episode is unusually long, at over 5 minutes. And I think that it's a good one, too, though I'm not normally a fan of the series. Warning: the content is not child-friendly.

Mar. 29, 2010 - julia2night
"Masyanya: Get High on Weekends" (2008?), directed by Oleg Kuvayev. An earlier, more typical episode.

Mar. 30, 2010 - para111111
"Hare, Squeak and Violin" (1976), directed by Aleksandr Polushkin at Kuybyshevtelefilm (a Samara-based studio that made animated films from 1973-1990).

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