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More Soviet-era translations

I am now aware of two more people on Youtube doing translation work, thanks to a recent message from julia2night: hastings1987 and jkhelgi. I think that neither of them are native English-speakers because their translations have some small errors here and there, but they're not bad.

hastings1987 has at last provided a translation for Anatoliy Petrov's groundbreaking film "Heracles Visits Admetus" (1986) ("Heracles" is the earlier Greek name for "Hercules"). You can read about the full story of this film here. (if subtitles don't show, click on the triangle in the lower-right corner and turn on CC)

Despite the amazing animation, done in a difficult art style without any rotoscoping (though you can see some of the compromises that Anatoliy Petrov had to make from time to time, such as using still images), my main objection to this film is that Admetus is an egotist and not a very sympathetic character - certainly not cruel, but petulant like a child. It is unclear to me why a cool cat like Heracles would count him as a good friend. I have two favourite scenes from this film: Admetus meeting the blind man in the hills (a very powerful segment), and Heracles' dance at the end (which is just fun and a great example of character animation)

jkhelgi has translated Aida Zyablikova's 1978 cartoons based on the "Moomin" books by Swedish-Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. Made at "Ekran" studio. [May 2010 correction: the second film in the series was directed by Nina Shorina, not Zyablikova]

Film 1:

Film 2:

and also Anatoliy Solin's "The Lost Galaxy" (1989), based on Y.Shatko's story. Made at "Ekran" studio.

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