niffiwan (niffiwan) wrote,

The Autumn of Childhood (2005)

Directed by Agamurad Amarov and Yekatirina Boykova, this wordless film is a lyrical story about the 1930s Stalinist repressions, told from the perspective of an old Jewish man who, many years later, returns to the house of his childhood. It uses the paint-on-glass animation technique, though not as proficiently as its greatest masters, Aleksey Karayev and Aleksandr Petrov. The images are a bit stilted, and often don't move well. Also, the film tends to dwell too long on the same scene. Nevertheless, I would say that it's worth watching.

Here's the video:

It was directed at the Centre of National Film, with state funding (more recently, this studio made the animated 3D feature Belka and Strelka - Star Dogs - about as far as you can get from this film...)
Tags: 2000s, amarov, boykova, centre of national film, wordless

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