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The Last Battle (Kievnauchfilm, 1989)

Well, here is one funny film that is definitely a product of its era. I cannot imagine it getting approved at any time other than the late Soviet "glasnost/perestroika" period. Even in the United States today, a film which so obviously makes fun of the military may be too controversial to get made by a major studio. After a nightmare, a former general decides to get rid of his roach problem... but finds a use for the roaches, instead.

It was directed by Aleksandr Viken, who started working at the studio as an animator in 1969, directed 8 films from 1981-1992, then went to the studio Borisfen-S to work as an animator again (a great many talented people lost their professions when the country fell apart).

This film is made in the recognizable Kievnauchfilm style which was popularized by director David Cherkasskiy and imitated by many of his colleagues, although the yellow-black coloring scheme is complex and unusual.

Due to popular request, both English and Russian subtitles are available (if they don't show, click on the triangle in the bottom right and turn on CC)

Tags: 1980s, cherkasskiy, kievnauchfilm, subtitles, viken

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