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More translations: "Hunting Season", "I Shall Give You a Star", "Comet in Moominland, part 3"

"Hunting Season" by Aleksandr Viken (1981, Kievnauchfilm). A "realistic" story from the point of view of a dog which is taken hunting for the first time.

This was Viken's first film as director. It was an early success for him, winning a jury diploma in Tallinn '82 (All-Union Film Festival). Viken also directed "The Last Battle" (1988), which I translated earlier. The two films are very different. Where "The Last Battle" is sharp, biting, and exaggerated, "Hunting Season" is friendly, welcoming and orderly. What they have in common is an attention to excellence in art direction.

"Hunting Season" is a snapshot of a social atmosphere (and personality) that is no more; Russian society has changed and become more predatory and hard-edged.

My only real complaint about this film is the reuse of animation that happens at the beginning. Though there's a good structural reason for it, by the last repetition I was beginning to feel a bit annoyed.

"I Shall Give You a Star" by Fyodor Hitruk (or Khitruk) (1974, Soyuzmultfilm). Subtitled by businka1. A parable about male/female relations by the director of the Russian "Winnie-the-Pooh" cartoons. Starts out very funny, but verges into possibly being a bit preachy. While also relevant in the West, the gender divide that the film parodies is still more pronounced in Russian society.

"Comet in Moominland. Part 3" by Nina Shorina (1978, Ecran). Parts 1 and 2 can be watched here. Subtitles by jkhelgi. I have not actually watched this series yet...

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