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Aleksandr Petrov "making of" videos

Here are a few videos in which director Aleksandr Petrov talks about how he makes his films. To turn on my English subtitles, click on CC in the lower-right-hand corner. (P.S. these videos have been added to the new article on the Animatsiya Wiki: List of subtitled films and reports about Russian animation)

This is a news report that appeared on Nov.18, 2009, during an exhibition of Petrov's work in Izhevsk gallery. About the film "My Love" (2006) (the film itself can be seen here, though it's in slightly the wrong aspect ratio...):

In 2 parts, this covers the making of "The Mermaid" and the Oscar-winning The Old Man and the Sea:

You can see the substantial changes to Petrov's working methods over the years. In the mid-1990s, Petrov was still working mostly alone, on a single layer of glass, on film, without computers. 10 years later, he worked on two separate layers (one for backgrounds, one for characters), and used assistants and computers (I can't find it now, but there was a video of the work that Mikhail Tumelya did on the computer - he animated a cat jumping out of a balcony, the 3D camera movements, and various elements, for Petrov to use as a base).

So what has Petrov been doing since 2006? He made a commercial or two before the financial crisis hit. In a 2009 interview, Petrov said that he didn't have a job and was using up the last of his previously-earned money. According to this article (not translated):

"Aleksandr Petrov would like to start working on an animated feature film, an idea of which he's been thinking for a long time, but how can one start making anything when there's little to no money""

It is sad that Russia can find the money to make second-class imitations of Western computer-animated films, but cannot find the money to nurture a homegrown talent and method which has not been mastered anywhere else in the world.

An entire feature made using Petrov's technique would be an unprecedented and fantastic undertaking.
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