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Translations for June

9 Russian animated films were newly-subtitled in the past month. I'll post most of them in this entry, while a few will be given their own posts.

To see the subtitles, make sure that CC is turned on (click on the triangle in the lower right-hand corner).

"The Little Sparrow", directed by Aleksey Karayev in 1984 (Karayev also directed Welcome, The Lodgers of an Old House, The Sneetches, and I Can Hear You)

(subtitles by Dennis Keen (UCSantaCruzRussian), who applied this translation of the original story, further edited by me, June 2)

Personally, I think that this is a charming film with brilliant use of the cutout animation technique, but it would've been much better to stick with the original ending of the story rather than add in a simplistic moral. In the original ending, the child reading it comes to his own conclusions, which is much more effective.

Next, some puppet-animated, "38 parrots" films, all directed by Ivan Ufimtsev.

38 Parrots (#1) - 1976 (subtitles by monsieuricon, June 9)

38 Parrots (#5): What If It Works? - 1978 (subtitles by monsieuricon, June 19)

38 Parrots (#8): The Great Cover-Up - 1985 (subtitles by monsieuricon, June 15)

There are also 3 "Mr. Freeman" episodes, released this year, that have been subtitled. (they are numbered out of order)

Part 58

Part 57

Part 49

Almost nothing is known about the creators of this web-series, though they seem to have a professional artistic vision and high production values. Mr. Freeman has been categorized as art-house/philosophy, and covers many different themes, some of them quite worthy. But the overall tone underlying all of it, I think, is pretty straightforward: it's a narrator telling his audience "you're all idiots and insane". It seems that there are many Russians who wish to be told exactly that.
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