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Animatsiya in English

Last rites

Last rites

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Tatarskiy is almost unknown in the English-language world. For a glimpse at how much he meant to a certain country, here's an article translated from animator.ru.
Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Tatarskiy was buried at Miusskoye Cemetery in Moscow.

The civil ceremony was held on July 26 at the Central House of Cinematography. The coffin was laid on the stage of the White Hall. Hundreds of people came to say their farewells to the director, teacher and founder of Pilot Studio. Among them were many of his students, from a variety of cities and countries. Pilot Studio was there almost in full: everyone who had ever worked there or learned their craft there from 1988 until today.

At the memorial service, speeches were given by Armen Medvedev, Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Andrey Svislotskiy, Vladimir Golovanov, Pavel Finn, Natalya Lukinykh, Aleksandr Petrov, Larisa Malyukova, Konstantin Bronzit, Vadim Zhuk, Garri Bardin, Vitaliy Manskiy, Boris Savin, Vladimir Shakhidzhanyan, Yevgeniy Sivokon, Igor Volchyok, Vladimir Nazarov, Mikhail Tumelya, Anatoliy Prokhorov and others.

They talked about the wisdom, talent, and unique love of life of Aleksandr Mikhailovich, and compared him to an unbelievably bright clown, like Yuriy Nikulin or Slav Polunin. "Of course, his films are part of history, a classic of world cinema", concluded Prokhorov, "but we must also acknowledge that Tatarskiy and Pilot Studio are a galaxy, a new generation of young directors. Nearly 60% of today's directors, animators and artists in Russian animation are Tatarskiy's pupils. In that sense, Tatarskiy represents an era."

In the lobby were hung photographs from various years, featuring Aleksandr Tatarskiy in childhood, with parents, friends, friends and colleagues, with prominent artists and masters of circus and film, at festivals in Tarusa, Suzdal and "KROK" and in Pilot Studio. A video with music by Grigoriy Gladkov from the film Last Year's Snow Was Falling was constantly playing (it was made by director Aleksey Budovskiy, from America).

The final rites at the cemetery were recited by Sergey Merinov, Grigoriy Gladkov, Eduard Uspenskiy and Anatoliy Solin.

When the funeral procession arrived at Miusskoye Cemetery, it started to rain. But once the final goodbyes were given, the sun came out and a rainbow appeared in the sky...

Aleksey Budovskiy's video.

On a brighter note, Pilot Studio's website is fully online for the first time in years (before Tatarskiy's death, it just redirected to the "Mountain of Gems" project page).

Also, someone has created some articles related to Tatarskiy and his work on the English wikipedia (link). I think I'll try to fix them up a little, since they do miss a lot of info.
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