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Animatsiya in English

"Gofmaniada" is still being made

"Gofmaniada" is still being made

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drawing, old man
A 2010-08-27 news report by RIA Novosti says that work on this Soyuzmultfilm animated feature, which I earlier wrote about in 2007, 2008 and 2009, is actually still progressing. I've added English subtitles so you can watch it below.

(if the subtitles don't show, click on the "CC" button)

UPDATE (2011-08-13): The video below won't work now; watch it here instead.

They've been working on this on and off for the past 9 years. The first 20 minutes were already finished in 2006. More info on Wikipedia. I can't quite understand if, according to the video, they spent the past year making a further 30 minutes, or if that includes those 20 minutes from 4 years ago.

It also looks like there's a new official website for the film (the last one was closed a while ago):

Based on the strange URL, outdated material and some non-working links, I'm guessing it's not meant to be public yet. The English and German-language versions are non-functional.

There's also a new photo-gallery that goes with this video over here.

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