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The new "Cheburashka"...

...has its Moscow premiere at the 44th Festival of Japanese Film on Nov. 14 at 15:10. I earlier wrote about this film in 2009. Cheburashka became hugely popular in Japan since 2001, when the original Soviet short films were shown in two small Tokyo cinemas and were seen by over 10,000 people. And that provided the impetus for this Japanese/Korean/Russian/Belarus coproduction (the storyboards were made by a Russian/Belarusian team).

Although now, they say that it's not a feature film but 3 episodes which are 80 minutes in length altogether. The original Cheburashka films, with English subtitles, can be found here.

More details and pictures (in Russian) here.

Meanwhile, here's a making-of video that was released on November 11:

I can't stand the autotuned music in this clip, personally, but I'm surprised at the degree to which the East Asian team tried to stay authentic to the original look.
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