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Funtik Entertainment purges Russian animation from Youtube

 Внимание, есть русский перевод статьи: Именем Фунтика – вы арестованы!

If you've visited Youtube after July 19, you may have noticed that there is suddenly far less Russian animation there than there used to be. A number of accounts have been removed, including those of arjlover, crazysister, hkristus, Humanophage, julia2night, pavlovich74, TheMotionBrigades, uncloser, and Wunder8484. From those, arjlover belonged to the eponimous website and julia2night belonged to Julia who was one of the most prolific translators; she translated or helped translate about 44 Russian cartoons to English and German. My own account was hit as well (though not deleted).

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Good to know you have a dailymotion account now. My Youtube account with many Russian animations was closed as well suddenly a few months ago, but only because I had some Little Mole animations on it! (They said)it was on there for more than 3 years, I couldn't even remove them since I had had one previous warning for an old Warner Brothers thing. Well..I'm never going back to Youtube again, since I hate the way they did this.
I've searched for a new place but didn't find it. I tried Veoh, but Dailymotion seems better. Thanks for the tip!
Will try Dailymotion myself. Good Luck and we should not be discouraged. (Mionis)marion



September 13 2011, 12:28:21 UTC 8 years ago

Hey there
I was wondering where did so many good russian animations go... It's a pity, they are the films that have become dearest to me in year or so. But it's so good you have the daily motion and dotsub-accounts for them!
And I'm so glad I had some of them downloaded before it started happening. been sharing two of my favourites on my page (grey bearded lion (without subs, I've never seen it with them..) and there lived kozyavin) and one czech one from Trnka (certuv mlyn), which never was before on youtube.
Fortunately forgot to credit Soyuzmultfilm on tags or anything like that, just the animator makers I put there, and i was thinking of putting more, but what is the situation nowadays? Or am I in danger to lose my account if I increase amount of russian animations?
Also the newer one that brought me here, Pirat from jan bubenicek, which I just saw in film festival, was lost and there was text that Funtik Entertainment was the one that had put it down, but i thought that was a modern czech animation... Can they own rights to that also?
And that thing with the Funtik Entertainment sounds alltogether really strange.. But copyright things nowadays are.. i could hardly if at all keep on track what is really happening..

Joona Ruusuvuori/ Runokuva Projektiot
It's very interesting what you say about Jan Bubenicek's "Pirat"... as I see from the link to the former video on Youtube, Funtik is apparently claiming to own not just Soyuzmultfilm's copyrights. Yeah, this confuses things even more for me. What's their game? The closest I've come to seeing any official statement from them is the recent post by David R. Silvester, who appears to be their spokesperson or close friend.

Khrzhanovskiy's "Grey-Bearded Lion" I actually made subtitles for a while ago, but I never got around to uploading it because I was looking for a better-quality version of the video. I'd better upload that soon, I guess... probably I won't find a better copy anyway.

As for Youtube, the situation is this: if you upload a video, sometimes your video will be automatically rejected once you've uploaded it, because Youtube's ContentID recognizes that the same video has been deleted before. No penalty for you in that case, but nobody gets to see it either. If you upload a video, and it's NOT rejected, it may later get tagged through Youtube's ContentID, either by a legitimate rightsholder or just by a fake rightsholder trying to make some easy money. They may choose to put ads on it - in that case you're fine. But if they choose to REMOVE it, you get a strike on your account. Three such strikes, and your account gets deleted.
Also, it seems that multiple removals in a short space of time count as ONE strike rather than many. At least it was that way for me. But I wouldn't necessarily count on it.
Yeah I'd noticed that those sons of bitches had cleared the net of Soyuzmultfilm titles!
I truly want to go to Russia and kill them with my bare hands!
Here in the US there's an LA based bunch of crooks called "Jove" video that "claims'" to own the rights to all Soyuzmultfilm product in the US. In reality their association with the studio has always been questionable.
Fortunately before their "purge" I was able to file and save a large number of Soyuz stuff.
I question again if they're even affiliated with Soyuzmultfilm at all.
I don't think Jove owns anything any more, at least not since they sold everything to Alisher Usmanov in 2007, who in turn handed everything over to the state channel Bibigon, and I don't know what happened after that.
User mosrepetitor referenced to your post from Темы для говорения saying: [...] purges Russian animation from Youtube  на русском [...]


November 19 2011, 20:13:28 UTC 8 years ago

Idiotic of Youtube - and malicious of the funtik guys - to mess around with this. as someone who grew up in India reading the cold war era Misha magazine and watching Soviet animations I look forward to getting these with subtitles. Anyone who is doing it is doing something for the common good - so that we can show others that it was not only sickly sweet Disney cartoons that were being created in the 50s-80s. I suggest torrent and/or rapidshare will be the best idea. create a blog and add rapidshare links? And/or create torrents and seed - and I assure you I will seed too.
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