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Animatsiya in English

A few small notes (on potential resurrection)

A few small notes (on potential resurrection)

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drawing, old man
So, I've been away for a while. Primarily, because I've shifted my attention to finishing my thesis this year - and also because the Funtik situation rather discouraged me. The original plan was to reupload all the translated Russian animated films that used to be on my Niffiwan account on Youtube in four new places (so that there wouldn't be a single point of failure): a new Youtube account, Dailymotion, DotSub and VeeHD. Those were the only sites I found at the time which supported separate subtitles, but all had various flaws:

•On Youtube, some videos were censored as soon as I tried to upload them
•On Dailymotion, the video quality wasn't sharp and subtitles would often just stop playing midway through a video
•On DotSub, the collaborative translation features were great but the video quality wasn't, and also I couldn't upload just a translation, I had to make a transcription of the original Russian text for every video, too
•On VeeHD, the video quality was great but all videos would need to be transferred to DivX and Sub2DivX used to put subtitles into the DivX file. And it would be impossible to change the subtitles once they were in.

I did finish the Dailymotion uploading, but not the others - in the end, it was just too much work. I started doing this because I wanted to add translations for films I like, share them with others and talk about them, not spend days and weeks transcoding and uploading video files, only to risk having everything deleted and have to do it all over again.

So I decided to wait until some technology came out that would make it easier to keep videos online - either some torrent-based Youtube replacement like the Pirate Bay's once-planned VideoBay, or a .onion video sharing site run through the Tor network.

Neither of those has happened yet as far as I know, but I've recently discovered two other new sites/services that I think might be a solution, one of them existing and one of them in the early stages.

The first is MediaGoblin, an open-source, decentralized replacement for Youtube (as well as Flickr, Thingaverse, SoundCloud and others) that's currently having a fundraising drive (ending in 5 days).

There is no subtitle support yet, but it is something that the developers want to add. Importantly, it should be possible to back up the information for one account (videos and comments) and move it to another instance or hosting provider if anything happened.

The other project I discovered is UniversalSubtitles.org aka. Amara. This is like DotSub, except that you don't have to upload or transcode any big video files, you just need a link to the video you want to translate posted somewhere online in one of these formats, and then you can create, import or export subtitles in any of these formats. This means that it's much quicker to add translations, and I could even use the officially-uploaded videos (such as ChannelAIR for Ukranimafilm/Kievnauchfilm). If a video is deleted on Youtube, it's possible to just change the video location (although this feature was broken until recently).

For example, check out the translations of the MediaGoblin campaign video:
The actual video is not on universalsubtitles.org, instead it takes the original video from http://gobblin.se/media/media_entries/875/mediagoblin_campaign_pitch.webm and overlays subtitles on top. There are subtitles in English, Spanish, Arabic and Icelandic. Anybody can edit them or add a new language translation. You can also embed the video with the subtitles on a website, but LiveJournal doesn't seem to support it unfortunately.

Now, it would be really convenient if universalsubtitles.org could work with some of the websites which already have a lot of Russian animation stored in streaming video, such as mults.info - it uses JWPlayer which is supported, but they hide the URL so I suppose this can't work.

So anyway, in the coming weeks I'll try to figure this out. :) First Amara, then MediaGoblin once that gets off the ground - because it would be really nice to not lose all the nice comments and discussion when a video has to move.

In the meantime, the Animatsiya Wiki has been getting steady, consistent updates. I also have an archive of many ripped subtitle files from Youtube accounts that are no longer available, and I'll put them up for download eventually (until then, if anybody is looking for something that is no longer up, please ask).
  • Good luck!

    Your absent is noticeably very much.
  • (Anonymous)
    Glad to hear you plan to continue! Best of luck!
  • Me too

    My videos were recently deleted, too, so I'm in the same boat. It's really too bad that copyright bots can affect volunteer effort like subtitling by so much.
    • Re: Me too

      What was your username on Youtube, and which films did you have subtitled?

      If you still have your files, consider uploading your subtitles to universalsubtitles.org, which I mentioned in my post - if the original video is deleted, you can just add a new location where the video still survives, your subtitles won't be affected.
      • Re: Me too

        If you name the animation there is a big chance I have the subtitles, otherwise upload them somewhere and give the link here. I will upload the animation to my dailymotion account. But you can open a dailymotion account youself too and upload it there. Thusfar daily motion is the best alternative I think. It has some flaws, but they are mainly in the uploading department. In playing softsubs sometimes a sub gets stuck, but that has improved a lot lately, and from the start you can upload animation up to an hour lenght each.
        but most important: no copyrightclaims. Me and zhurka75 ( on dailymotion Gleb_Zhuravlev) both upload what get's blocked or refused at YT to DM since quit some time now.
  • "Blocked by quiz group pro"

    Nice to see you again niffiwan. My name on youtube is eus347 on dailymotion as well. Recently a new problem has risen. More and more russian subbed animation get blocked outside of russia by an organisation called quiz group pro. I now, as soon as this happens, change the title in to Watch this animation at www.dailymotion.com/eus347
    and I keep a list under http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtmiBCnnztM
    I will do that as a service to other animations reported as disappeared too.
    as far as I have the subs.

    You have mailed once to funtik and United State Film Collection . I would like to do that too about this quiz group pro. would you have an email adres? I haven't puzzled that out yet. Maybe strange for someone who translated loads of russian animations, but i don't speak russian myself. I always need written sources to translate from.

    I would be great to find your collection of subs not on youtube anymore, somewhere.

    I just saw that quizgroup pro lauched a world wide blockade on all my gora samotvetov uploads. Do Do they have legal copyrights? I doubt it, but I don't know.

    PS from a blocked animation you still can download the CC subs.
    PPS Zhurka75 is called Gleb_Zhuravlev on dailymotion, he uploaded many animations there too. The majority of his subs I uploaded to http://subs.com.ru/list.php?c=engmult untill I uploaded a sub with a putin joke in it in july in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl7gnNHi6eU Once upon a time 1957. Not a good joke, but the reaction of the moderator was so negative and insulting that I stopped uploading my collection there. I wouldn't mind a good subsite: You can download almost all russian animations from mults.info, you just need the subs
    ppps: Do you intend to update http://editthis.info/animatsiya/List_of_Russian_animation_subtitled_in_English some more?
    i'd have a couple of tips for you if you do.

    Edited at 2012-11-07 12:20 am (UTC)
    • Re: "Blocked by quiz group pro"

      Tips are always appreciated.

      What I think would be a good idea is for the subtitle files to be linked directly on the wiki list. A lot of them have links there already. They can be uploaded wherever - speedyshare.com, for example.
      • Re: "Blocked by quiz group pro"

        What the community of russian animation subtitlers, if we can speak of that,
        could need in my idea would be:

        1/ A subtilesite in english that has a russian animation department were you can upload subtitles in any language.

        2/ an exchange site, bulletin board, or whatever you call it: A meetingpoint

        3/ A youtube alternative

        The list you have is a good information collection as well, but it needs updating, your blog is a good meeting place too

        I myself are actually primarely a dvd maker. I collect dvd material from all possible sources and make them into new dvd's

        I make series like this:
        Russian animation in the 50's: Mstislav Pashchenko (1948-1957) PAL DVD5 - Custom translated
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Mstislav Pashchenko II (1946-1953)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Michael Tsekhanovsky (1950-1954)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Fables, Fox- & Fairytales (1950-1956)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Ivan Ivanov-Vanu (1949-1957)
        Russian animation in the 50's: Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya (1949-1959)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Sisters Brumberg I - Gogol stories (1945-1959)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Sisters Brumberg 2 (1927-1961)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Leonid Amalrik I (1948-1960)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Adventure Fairy tales (1946-1955)
        Russian Animation in the 50's: Vladimir Suteyev, Scriptwriter (1956-1974)

        I primarely upload them to www.asiandvd.org and sometimes to www.karagarga.net both are closed sites that you need to become member of, or get invited to.
        Youtube/dailymotion is a sort of side product for me.
        It makes my uploads a sort of systematic. Like I am working now on a (probably) 2 dvd serie Russian animation in the 40's. Part 1 will be : from disney to social realism. Part 2 will, I hope, be devoted to olga Khodataeva.

        But since I don't speak russian I am dependent on written sources/transcripts/people that help me.
        For instance for teh next Gora Somocvetov dvd I am looking for someone that can fill in the blanks in the intro's ( http://www.dailymotion.com/user/eus347/1 : The little bear, No way!, About Stephan the blacksmith ( on that one the song near the end too!) & Maima long awaited: I didn't have transcripts for those.

        For the Quiz group pro problem I am not clear if they represent the copyright holders or not. They take action on animations from soyuzmultfilm, pilot ( Gora samocvetov!) and thus far 1 from saratov telefilm and some from Sverdlovsk
        If you look at the site that are not effected:
        all site with a massive number of uploads, russian only
        That's where the cash in is happening, and that looks very organized and commercially driven. I think youtube is something we can write off. Subtitles are commercially not interesting enough.

        So yeah. A non commercial you tube alternative is really needed.

        more in next reaction

        Edited at 2012-11-08 08:46 pm (UTC)
        • Re: "Blocked by quiz group pro"

          I noticed you can still download CC's from blocked youtubes. I use http://mo.dbxdb.com/ you can use it to download online, but it seems to have been hacked, wich means you have to rename the srt inside the rar it's downloading it in from a very long name to something simple of your own choosing, otherwise you can't unpack it.

          From dailymotion you could untill recently use jdownloader, it has always been a bit of a troublesome program, but the new version seems to conflict with windows. I don't know an alternative to download subs from DM.

          Accounts that have hardsubs or subs using the remarks option cant be retrieved if blocked.

          some users with subtitled animation
          I myself have acounts eus347 & Eus347OldSchool on youtube as well as on dailymotion ( eus347OldSchool there.)
          Zhurka75 has also an (older)account on yandex.ru & = Gleb_Zhuravlev on dailymotion
          AldebarandeTauro28 has 14 animations uploaded 2 years ago: Most interesting: Pobre Lisa by Ideya Garana spanish subs or wordless
          ( after those he only uploaded gamescenes, so you have to dig deep)
          AlexCones Young russian CCsubtitler. His strawbull calf got blocked
          With his subs I uploaded it to dailymotion to save it
          an5r3w has the wild swans by tsekhanovsky in an american dub cut in 6 parts. Part 1 is blocked. There used to be more uploaders with the same file. The dub is a horrible rewrite with the double amount of words and probable some parts cut out. (Most of the storrie from my childhood serie are like that)
          AnimatedParables: hard subbed georgian cartoons
          Calinida At the backdesk part 2 hard subbed
          CARTOONIVERSE1 Specialized in playlist there is a russian playlist that leads to some surprising animations, but also a lot of dead ones
          cbetlana7733 a few hard subbed. 7 coloured flower is the most interesting Vassilisa Mikulshina is blocked. Gleb_zhuravlev did that one too, her translation is better. I used a mix of both to make mine.
          christmasfilms 1 hardsubbed, 6 2-channel sounds of their own productions for nthe BBC
          DarkPrimeGS: Legend of the moor's testament by Tsekhanovski in an russian export film made (accurate!) dub. I copied it into a sub for the russian version on my account
          drakowe4ka french hard sub of a goat that counts to ten, but blocked
          exclusiveshortfilms : puss in boots/bardin CC
          forestemperor; vampires of geona, masters of geona, Blue cap CC
          GreekMythsAnimated A real loss. He subbed using the remarks but all that he subbed is blocked
          hastings1987 Alx petrov my love with german subs, & Heracles and admete= blocked ( I have copied it to my account)
          HerrUntertitel The contract by tarassov with german subs ( I translated them to english on my DM account)
          horay4shrooms 30 adapted(rewritten) dubs copied from 1996 VHS
          iwantcoolname a CC version of MuchaTskatucha from the aibolit serie.
          Jhon7774 4 hard subbed anim. V portu is blocked
          LockedPig interesting arthouse content: old pilotfilm stuff & frother, subs through remarks subs of how to become a person are very incomplete. I subbed it too, but it's a real difficult text to translate.
          more some other time

          Some uploaders of ru
  • I am so glad that you are back!

    I am happy that you are back :) You have been my teacher :) Have a look how we made http://wikitranslate.org/wiki/The_Giant_Turnip/ru:_Russian There will be more tools for subtitles soon, but it's only one of you!

    It took me few years to sort out the links for the site, another few years (I hope that I joke) and it will be a great site!

    The animations section is still in the mess, I will be adding the cartoons subtitled by you in the New Year, I hope. Can you join our Facebook groups so we are together? http://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnRussianSpeakRussian/
    • Re: I am so glad that you are back!

      Oh, hi Natasha. I see that you're using Amara/UniversalSubtitles.org as well. Once I get my Amara account up and running, I'll be adding all the links to the Animatsiya Wiki and of course you can then add them to your site as well. I probably won't join the Facebook group at least for now, at least not until I make a "niffiwan" Facebook account.
  • I wanted to say I'm really grateful for your dailymotion uploads. I just found them and I'm totally planning on digging into them. I finished Weightless Life and it was really great. Is it possible for you to make them available as mkv downloads? That way you can have subtitles.

    Thanks again!
    • You're very welcome, and I'm sorry for the late reply! You can download many of the subtitles from the page where they're all listed at the Animatsiya Wiki:

      If there are any that you'd like that aren't there, send me a message.

      You can download the video files films themselves by searching for the Russian-language title - I'm sure you'll find a torrent (i.e. on Arjlover or mults.spb.ru). From there, all you need is to make sure that the subtitle file has the same name and is in the same folder, and play the video in VLC player.

      It's just easier for me to distribute small individual subtitle files than entire videos.

      Perhaps next year I'll have more time to do some of the stuff I'd been planning to do, but until then I'm on a bit of a hiatus, as many have no doubt noticed. :p
  • Very cool...
    yet, Seventh-Heaven is 100,000+ moe, Curly.
    Your choice.
    God bless you.
  • Very cool...
    yet, Seventh-Heaven is 100,000+ moe, Curly.
    Your choice.
    God bless you.
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