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Animatsiya in English

Vladimir Samsonov's animated poems

Vladimir Samsonov's animated poems

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drawing, old man
At Ekran Studio in the early-to-mid-1980s, Vladimir Samsonov (not the table-tennis player) made a series of little-known two-minute-long films using the paint-on-glass animation technique; little vignettes covering basic themes. More akin to poems than stories.

He was very prolific, making 11 (!) of these films in 1981 alone.

Russian animation historian Giorgiy Borodin has written (in this article, for those who can read Russian) that he considers these films to be very close in concept to the much later Japanese feature film Winter Days.

pavlovich74 has uploaded some onto his Youtube profile, which I will repost here. I think that most of them are really wonderful.

"Mood" (1982)

"Highlights" (1981) (animator.ru translates the name as "Brightness", but "Highlights" is a more accurate translation)

"Masquerade" (1981)

"Miniatures 86" (1986). The three parts are, in order:
"Balance", "Duel", "Hope".

These ones I like less than the ones above:

"Motif" (1984)

"Landscape" (1982)

This film from the late 1980s is also related, though it's less like a poem and more like a very obvious protest film:
"Self Control" (1989)

P.S. To give you an idea of how little coverage Russian animation has on IMDB: Vladimir Samsonov directed 33 films, but has no IMDB profile. There are many more such cases.

P.P.S. (2010 update) find the rest of Samsonov's wordless films by going here and sorting the table by director!
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